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Bondaweb 30m full roll Option will come boxed

Bondaweb 30m full roll Option will come boxed


30m full roll Option will come boxed and rolled like in the picture at a discount price £95:00 Bondaweb is an easy and clean way to affix fabric to fabric in applique and craft work. It is used in the same way as hemming web but has the advantage of being 45cm wide, making it suitable for bonding larger items. The web is paper backed and the only tools required are scissors, a hot iron and something to protect your ironing surface and iron such as freezer paper. Bondaweb size : wide 45cm sold by the meter How to use: Make sure the iron is set at the correct temparature for your fabric. If you are unsure practice on a test piece first. Mark out your design on the paper side of the Fuse-A-Web that you wish to bond and roughly cut around it. Place the web side of the Fuse-A-Web onto the wrong side of your chosen fabric then iron the paper onto the fabric with a dry heat. Now cut out the design you drew and carefully peel off the paper backing of your applique and place it with the coated side down onto the right side of fabric youd like to bond it too, in the required position. Once placed, cover with a damp cloth or freezer paper and iron on bit by bit over your applique keeping the heat on for no more that 10 seconds. To finish, allow the parts to cool down completely. Please note the product is folded to fit a large letter. This is THE ORIGINAL Bondaweb. It is not sold in a box, the picture is for illustration purposes only.

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