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Amazing lucky dip of buttons

Amazing lucky dip of buttons


Amazing lucky dip of buttons, in a selection of colourful palette, supplied in a co-ordinating zipper bag to keep them tidily, yet easily visible. These are fantastic for all kinds of crafts - scrapbooking, card making, collage, doll dressing. A lovely gift for the creative ones in your circle! Please use our photo as a guide to the contents and the general colour scheme - no two bags will be exactly the same. Each bag weighs approx 80g filled, the buttons themselves are around 70 g per bag, some may be a little more. Button sizes vary considerably, from about 8mm up to about 25mm for the largest. Quantity of buttons per bag is from about 80 to over 190 - this obviously depends on the size of the buttons, so average contents around 150 per bag. Please note that we may flat-pack the zip pouch and pack the buttons separately for transit - this is to minimise your postage cost.



Description: 4 hole button for easy sewing pack of 50 Size approx 36 (1 inch)

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